Superior is a leading composite distributor with over 40 years of experience. At Superior, we put our customer’s success first. Our industry expertise allows Superior to partner with our customers, developing their specific solutions. In 2002, Superior developed an international supply chain that thrives today. Our sources for composite materials include both respected domestic and international producers. Thermoset and thermoplastic industries are well served by our comprehensive line of high-performance products. Our line continues to grow as we bring new products to the market to meet demand. Whether you seek resins, gel coats, catalyst, direct rovings, assembled rovings, chop strand mats, tapes, woven roving, infusion mat, flame retardants, clean up solvents or thermoplastic resins, and more, we have you covered. Challenge our experts to solve your needs. Let Superior earn your business by helping you solve your most pressing composite performance and supply chain problems.  Please fill out the “Ask an Expert” form below or review the attached line cards for a preview of our offerings.

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