Waste Management


ISO 14001

We like GREEN alternatives as much as you do. As a Part B permitted facility, our resources provide waste management and recycling services. Located in Connersville, Indiana, our well trained staff ensures this state-of-the-art Treatment Storage and Disposal (TSD) facility is well maintained and operated at the highest level of safety. Superior’s expertise is in the recovery of spent solvents from industries including Automotive, Chemical Manufacturing, Composites Fabricating, Paints and Coating, Pharmaceutical, and Printing. Recycling offers savings through decreased virgin solvent usage, decreased disposal costs, and decreased regulatory costs, all while conserving our natural resources. Superior has a complete laboratory to verify inbound streams and ensure integrity of the recovered solvent returned to the generating user or to the market. Through our environmentally sound practices and modern equipment, you can be assured that waste is being managed in the eco-friendliest way possible.

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