Superior is an 87-year-old employee-owned chemical products and services provider focused on adding value through service, quality and innovation. Our offerings include chemical raw materials, formulations, composites, and recycling services. Customers include solvent and chemical formulators, end users of straight and blended products, and plastic fabricators.



Superior offers a broad line of chemical raw materials and high performance formulations with an emphasis on solvents, cleaners, and blends.

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Products include Fiberglass Reinforcements, Resins, Gel Coats, Catalyst, Fillers, Pigments, and much more.

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Solvent recycling protects our environment and is cost efficient. Through thin film and distillation technologies, spent product is returned to use without compromising on quality.

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Why Superior

What we offer to you is unmatched service, quality, and innovation. All with a commitment to the highest level of safety and environmental stewardship.  We have an uncompromising dedication to our partners, customers, and the communities in which we serve. Every one of our team members is an owner, through our 100% ESOP, with a stake in your success and ours.  Working with Superior, you’ll find a valuable partner ready to solve your toughest problems.  ISO certification and adherence to NACD’s Responsible Distribution ® mandatory third-party verified environmental, health, safety & security program stand as testaments to our constant pursuit of excellence.